Sunday, August 11, 2013

प्रेम का इन्द्रधनुष

Love is the light of life and its first colour is patience. Today in the morning Dada J P. Vasvani told this beautiful discourse. These morning thoughts have become essential for her. Yesterday she could not listen and felt some void whole day. Today while Nanha was dressing for school she tried to explain him the importance of patience but he was not ready to listen about such things, perhaps he is young yet or that was not the proper time or proper way to tell him such serious things. Today’s children or children of any age do not like “updesh” they want practical examples. Yesterday she was frightened, when jun took about 2 hours to reach home, she was praying for his safety, was it love or her cowardliness ? Then they went to a friend’s house, she made nice tea and served papad. Yesterday they got another letter from father, he knew about that check which they sent for them but they have not accepted it.

The second colour in the spectrum of love is ‘kindness’. Kindness towards all living beings. The opposite of love is not hate but apathy or indifference towards others, animals and birds. Today dada vasvani told about 2nd ray of love and she is feeling such a void in her heart, so many times she did not show any type of kindness towards animals, for a fleeting moment a thought came in mind but could not help them practically. There is a feeling of indifference towards poor and beggars too. She could not help them by money but at least she can listen them but knows in her heart of heart that it will not be possible too… then the solution is whenever and where ever the situation arises she should try her best and rest is will of God. When He is with us, why to worry? Yesterday she stitched a frock for her niece and one will stitch today. Today is sunny weather.  और हमेशा की तरह भाषा की जंजीर ने रास्ता रोक दिया था, विचारों का प्रवाह रुक गया था और ऐसा होने पर मस्तिष्क जैसे एक दबाव महसूस करने लगता है. कल The Dangerous Fortune के कुछ और पेज पढ़े, आज समय नहीं मिल पायेगा. उसकी दायीं आँख में चुभन हो रही है इससे भी लिखने में ध्यान केन्द्रित नहीं हो पा रहा है. दूध वाला भी घंटी बजा रहा है.

Today morning she got up early and could listen from the beginning. Dada told some practical suggestions to attain the peace of mind. He stressed on taking the things easy and to meditate for some time daily, at same time. She sat in silence after reading Gita and felt some unusual calmness and concentration which was not possible without some help and help was from God. She did not feel the weight of her limbs and not a single thought other than meditation came to her mind. It was a great experience. Later  the whole day she was immersed in some different kind of peace of mind and body. आज मौसम अपेक्षाकृत गर्म है, अभी कुछ देर पूर्व वे टहल कर आये, गर्मी लग रही थी. इस सर्दियों की पहली शाम जब स्वेटर से उलझन हो रही थी. होली भी आने वाली है और मार्च का आरम्भ हो चुका है. यानि वसंत का मौसम और शीत का प्रस्थान.

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