Monday, July 15, 2013

वृन्दावन गार्डन

It is 10.10 am, she walked in the garden and did routine work, feeling OK. Yesterday was not pleasant. She was irritated at each and every thing, jun was gentle but adamant also, may be he was right in his own way. She was not feeling well physically or mentally. Doctor told her that wound was healing fast and on next Monday will be their last visit.

अभी-अभी सोचा पुरानी पड़ोसिन से बात करे, पर शायद व घर पर नहीं है, उसने सोचा जरुर वह भी अपनी मित्र से मिलने गयी होगी. कल शाम को जून के एक मित्र आये थे, वह पहली अक्तूबर को छोटी बहन को लेने गोहाटी जायेंगे, he is so considerate.पहले कई बार उसने उन्हें selfish सोचा है, पर उनके साथ उनका व्यवहार हमेशा अच्छा रहा है. So never think ill of any one at any time. कौन कब किस रूप में हमारे काम आयेगा कौन जानता है, जून आज भी व्यस्त हैं वह  घर के उन कार्यों में जो सफाई आदि से सम्बन्धित हैं उसकी मदद नहीं करा पा  रहे हैं But she knows all will be done as per their wishes before 2nd Oct. Yesterday she planted the seeds of cauli flower, cabbage and tomato.

The greatest tragedy of life is that people do wrong while they know that it is wrong. Today in the morning she scolded Nanha for no fault of him. She was mad in anger at that moment. Next moment she repented for it but the wrong was done. She knows that anger is not good for any of them but how could she not resist it. Nanha asked her to do his project work and she had no time. He ie their Nanha teaches her so many lessons of love and compassion. He forgot her anger within seconds and gave his warm smile as before. Her friend when said on phone that he is careless, she felt a pinch of anger but subsided it. She knows what he is for them. And in lunch time jun did dressing with so love and care that she was touched by his gesture. Her eyes were full of tears. In that moment she found him near to her heart. He rang her twice from his office; they will go to see ‘Bombay’ tomorrow.

Yesterday she wrote six letters and at 10.20 am in the morning still remembering them specially the one which she wrote to her Bengali friend. Long long back when she used to write to jun used to repeat the whole letter again and again in the mind. She thought this is the thing they call ‘ego’ or अहम् or may be this is self love. So mind is again not co-operating her. She talked to
two of her friends for pictures of vrindavan garden. Nanha has to make a model of that garden for his social project.

कल रात को जो बातें दिमाग में बिलकुल स्पष्ट थीं अब धुंधली हो गयी हैं. लेडीज क्लब की मीटिंग में उसे हिंदी के लेख, कविताओं आदि के बारे में कुछ कहना पड़े, सोने से पूर्व मन ही मन उसकी तैयारी कर रही थी. नन्हे का स्कूल पूजा की छुट्टियों के लिए बंद है. जून आज देर से आएंगे फील्ड गये हैं.


  1. "The greatest tragedy of life is that people do wrong while they know that it is wrong"
    - जी, ऐसा "भी" होता है और वैसा भी ...

  2. आपने सही कहा है अनुराग जी..