Saturday, December 28, 2013

ए वाक इन द क्लाउड

Once again that same feeling of incompetence, ignorance and foolishness. She felt that her mind was blank for a moment and…could not explain nicely a Hindi poem by . later when knew this, tried to tell but did not get her student on phone. Life is like this. One friend complained that last evening they could not contact them on phone, another thanked for sending maid servant to her house for some days, she took 10-15 minutes to say this. And after doing some simple exercises and studying Gita English translation by Dr Radha Krishnan she has picked up this diary which is the mirror of her soul. Whenever she feels happiness or sadness, it appears on it in even clearer form than in her own mind. Yesterday a very strange thing happened. While playing harmonium she suddenly saw the watch and got up after saying that it was 3.30 pm actually it was only 3 pm, she does not know why she could not see the correct time perhaps her throat was dry and was not able to sing more.

Last evening they watched a beautiful film in the club. “A walk in the clouds” a poem on celluloid. It was really marvelous ! she liked the heroin, hero, her father, mother, grand father and all other relatives and servants. They were  parts of a well behaved traditional family. They were  like some known character, whom any body can love. There grape orchard and grapes picking was unique and unique was the butterfly dance in the night  with fire surrounding them. It was a fairy tale scene. They both enjoyed it to full extent and when they came back their hearts were beating in the same rhythm, they were bound by the love of film and now it is morning and she has to do morning chores.

Since morning she was dreaming of half an hour nap after doing daily work but when time came, she came,  Nanha’s friend’s sister, who lives nearby in their lane. She forgot her name and could not ask. She is talkative and full of energy. And now time to cook lunch. Her eyes are paining and body aches. Last night they came back at 11.30  from a party in jun ‘s boss house.  Party was good, she  met so many ladies and ate heavy rich food. AS usual she was silent most of the time, did not even try to converse. Wednesday is coming closer and she is a bit worried if she would be able to converse with all the ladies in forth coming  meeting. Since last few days she is writing in English, perhaps getting ready to be J.S. of L.C. Naini has taken their table fan for her daughter and grand daughter. Charity begins at home so they are doing it willingly. 

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