Tuesday, June 17, 2014

बूंदी के लड्डू

Today in the morning when she was doing some work  Nanha said there is a phone call for her from principal mam. She told her in two sentences that she should join the  school on Monday  and that she should bring with herself an application and bio-data. She was happy to get the news, during last few days she was reading about teaching and ideal teacher. She thought God has fulfilled her wish through this opportunity. When she told jun about this he took it nicely and helped her in preparing application and bio data. Yesterday one of her friend’s team stood first in preliminary round of Antakshri competition. Today they will go to see the final.

Today she explained jun, in many ways, why dose  she want to join school and now he is with her wholeheartedly. He was worried of her health problems but she knows active mind and active body produces good health. Yesterday they went to see the 'sur sangm antakshri' by ladies club. It was a superb presentation, a memorable one. Her friend’s team got 3rd prize, from tomorrow a new life awaits her, a life full of work, energy and love.

Yesterday she could not write. Day was hectic and at the end of day she was so tired so was jun. today again she is in school waiting for the bell so that she can go to the class to teach science. Some teachers are sitting here  talking endlessly on various trivial subjects . she is not feeling to participate in their conversations. Today she met other science teacher, she gave her text  book and told how and what to teach the students. tomorrow is total solar eclipse.

Today is jun’s birth day and her holiday. Today in the morning father wished jun , he was very happy, he always becomes very very happy to hear the voice of his parents. She is going to make a b’day card for him. In the evening they will celebrate it with idli sambar and chatni with bundi ke laddu. Tomorrow is 52nd independence day. She thought of telling children about flag hoisting ceremony  in new delhi on lal kila. She will tell them some slogans also.

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