Monday, May 5, 2014

दीवाली का उजास

Just now she read some shlokas from sixth chapter of ‘Bhagvad Gita’ edited by Dr Radhakrishnan, he was a great scholar, earlier politicians used to be great philosophers  but nowadays they are ordinary people, not all, but most of them are dishonest. She learned, to be aware is most essential and meditation helps in this. Gita also teaches methods of meditation, concentrating our mind on a single object. The wandering unstable mind causes misery. June is practicing yoga regularly, he gets up as soon as the alarm rings, and says very sweet ‘good morning’, he is very calm and controlled these days. Every minute he is busy doing something or reading, understands the power of love and harms of anger. So there mornings have become very very pleasant and before going to office they sit for 15 minutes listening and meditating on the instructions given by that teacher. It soothes the nerves and calms the mind. Then she picks up her harmonium. She thought, should also improve herself and most of all, should accept all her weaknesses and drawbacks, then undo them. According to J Krishnamurti when one goes into her/his foolishness, it goes. Also, one should not be judgmental. Take the things as they come.   

Today, after so many days of hot sun, is wet. Since morning clouds were visible and then around 8, it started raining. Last night she made paper caps for dahlia saplings to protect them from intense rays of sun but today all plants are happy to feel water and cold breeze after weeks. She did some more cleaning, Deepawali is very near, and also talked to some friends.

They are planning to have a get together on Diwali eve, so she rang few of her friends to have special meal.  It will be good to gather and celebrate festival of light with all of them. Tomorrow they will go tnk for shopping and doing air tickets reserved  for dec trip to Bhuvneshvar and puri and then to her home place. Today evening there is a film in the club, and her days are always full of books, computer and writing. One of her friend says, to work is very essential for a woman,  to know herself, to express and to gain confidence but she does not have such intense desire in her, what she will prove, she is what she is and it is nobody’s concern, if she does her duties as a sensible member of society, keeps her surroundings clean, does not harm anyone then it is OK, she is happy in her small world !

Woods are lovely dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
Miles to go before I sleep
And miles to go before I sleep

These lines just came to her mind when she opened this page after cleaning and setting the things of last night party. They celebrated Diwali yesterday, house was looking beautiful, decorated with colored bulbs and candles. Food was also liked by all specially ‘Gulab Jamun’ and chhole, which were  same as they ate in highway . Jun and Nanha both helped her in cooking and arranging table etc. Today they will go to club for fireworks and then take a round trip of town to see the shining lighted homes. Nanha is busy in housekeeping, he dose it very well. Diwali is a festival of love and harmony. When one gives sweets to mali, dhobi, sweeper, dhudhvala, a new bond develops.  She prayed, Let the spirit of Deepwali always remain intact.


  1. Gita has transformed my life too. Bhagawan says not to concentrate on one point. There is a great difference between CONCENTRATION & MEDITATION. Krishna recommends a state of thoughtlessness of mind. He recommends SAMABHAV for all states of mind, neither joyous by happiness nor gloomy by sorrows.

    Jun has started practicing yoga and meditation, a good sign in his monotonous life.

    This time I came with a delay due to some meetings I was busy with.

  2. yes, you are right, concentration is not meditation..but she did not know it.thanks !