Tuesday, June 24, 2014

धरती पर स्वर्ग

Today school is closed, so she cleaned the wardrobes in the morning. Earlier they talked to father, mother and  bhabhi on phone, they were worried that nuna has to to duty for seven long hours. Jun came around eleven and they took lunch of dal-raice and parval cooked in butter. Jun thinks wishing people on phone and sending them cards is not necessary but she thinks just opposite, anyway, now onward she will not depend for these things, she will be self sufficient. Nanha had drawing exam today, he had to draw and paint one basket of fruits and one design. Life is such an uncertain thing that one keeps wondering what way it will take. She is feeling low may be not physically fit but it may be due to mental state, both are interdependent.

Today she got a letter from middle brother. He wrote about his journey from leh to shri nagar. The letter gives a good description of the way and atmosphere of the place. It is tense and people are scared. They have to pay the price of living in paradise on earth. It is about to  5, they will go out in the  evening. Practiced music and have to cook, feeling well. Jun is also alright today, he was yesterday also and she made him sad. She thinks that happiness of whole house depends more or less on her and her own happiness also depends on her only.

Today they did lot of house jobs. Cleaning the fridge, putting all the mattresses in the sun, arranging  Nanha’a wardrobe. Jun went to market and Nanha went to collect money with one of his friend for helpage asked by his school.

One new teacher came to their school today. Jun has not come yet, he went for a training programme in the morning, came for lunch, prepared ‘Roti’ for himself, she had cooked dal and sabji in the morning.  it is 6.25 in the evening. School was ok, she could not keep her class sober and calm except class five. Checked copies at home, did some riyaz and walked for few minutes after coming  from school. Today in the morning jun talked to father, they are coming in Puja holidays for two weeks. Nanha got his result , he got highest marks in exams in all three sections. They are proud of him but know he can do better.

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