Friday, June 13, 2014

पब्लिक स्पीकिंग - डेल कार्नेगी की किताब

Just now she read so many useful suggestions on Public speaking. She started reading at 12.30 when jun went back after lunch and small nap. These types of books and articles help those who apply them in life, in her case that may be partially  true. Last evening she tried to write a brief talk on the topic of ‘Teaching’, and now she will add some more points to it. Day by day it will grow. Today she got-up at their usual time around 5. She was dreaming in the early hour of morning. It was a strange dream, but when dreams are not strange. She saw her family in her younger days. Father, mother and all of them were sitting together,suddenly her middle brother says he has seen an angel on mother’s head carrying an image of ma with him. Father asks if there is an angel on his head and on all others head also. He says, yes, it is there and all persons more than 50 years of age have it on their head. She saw one shadow on wall carrying a bag when he goes his bag  and baggage go with him. Whole morning the dream was with her.

Yesterday in the evening she came to know about her friend’s illness through her phone call. She is having fever so today in the morning she rang her and offered help. She made lunch for them and now wondering if they did like it or not. It is I pm, morning was pleasant but now it has become hot. Last night  she saw her in-laws in her dream. Jun and Nanha both appreciated her small article on ‘Time’ which she wrote yesterday inspired by Dale Carnegie ‘s book. It says all have so many ideas and thoughts in their mind only they have to think deeply. Mind is like a deep sea and thoughts are like pebbles on the bottom. She did not like the split of Arif and shanaj in ‘Tanha. Girl is wrong but she loves Mir, it is very complicated and all are suffering except Ali, he has a spark in himself and it seems that a new love story is about to begin.

Jun had to go back at 12.30 as usual but they over slept and suddenly she woke up hearing the sound of their call bell. She asked jun to wake up, it was already 12.50. when she looked for the person who rang the bell, there was no one and now she is wondering if that sound was heard in her dream. Today sun is hotter than yesterday. Everything is scotching in harsh heat. Grass, plants and even leaves of big trees have become lifeless and withered. Today Nanha has taken with him three dead cockroaches for biology period. Teacher will show them the internal and external parts of them. these  days whatever she reads, hears or learn through books, TV or meditation, she tells jun, he is very cooperative. He is helping her in preparing a talk on teaching. They are growing together, life is going on smoothly only when they hear the news and see the dead bodies of passengers who died in train accident they feel sorry. Railway minister has resigned and some officials have been suspended. They will think twice before travelling by train in future.

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