Wednesday, June 10, 2015

ह्यूस्टन में पहला दिन

Hotel extended stay, America
Today is their first day in Houston. It was around six months back when jun first told about his official trip and things improved in his favour, then he suggested her to accompany him.  Father and Mother-in-law came to live with them. Last month they went to Kolkata for visa and had to stay for four days. jun was doing most of the preparations officially as well as personally and it is his gift to her. It will cost them much but visiting America is a dream comes true. At this hour in India she used to watch sanskar channel, here will miss those inspiring talks of guruji .

Day before yesterday they started from Assam to Delhi and  Yesterday by sahara flight to Mumbai after a long preparation for this trip, they bought a suit length for Nanha by bid and buy scheme in flight. Younger sister and her husband came to receive them and took them to their new home, which was in challenger tower a twenty seven story building. Nearby were oberoy and viceroy towers. Both of their daughters welcomed them with zeal, showed magic and puppet show. Nuna gave books and some stationary them, they gave pastries and chocolates, and in the evening took them to D-mart, a new big shopping complex. After dinner brother-in-law dropped them at chatrapati shivaji international airport but before that he showed his hotel, where he works. It was a grand five star hotel. First time she saw the kitchen, bakery and cold storage of a five star hotel. They also saw live salad, live sweet shop and live snacks bar.  Mumbai airport was very impressive. Big duty free shops were of great attraction. It was eleven pm when they reached there, flight was scheduled at quarter to three, so they took some rest on large sleeping couches, and all other three of their group except her slept.  She read for some time and took a stroll for some time. It was all like a different place, not everyday experience so she was seeing it with open mind to capture the feelings so that she could write afterwards. 

They entered BritishAirways flight no 318 directly from the airport via aero bridge. Three of the crew members were Indian air hostess, they served them Indian food. Seats were a bit congested and journey was long but she enjoyed every moment of it. Even at three thirty at night she ate Dal-chawal. They drank lot of orange, apple and tomato juices and ate different kind of snacks during all flights. They reached London Heathrow Airport around six in the morning (local time), in India it was twelve am after nine hours. They watched maps on the screen in front of them and she watched a movie Hulk during London to Houston flight. London airport was bigger, they rested for some time and then rechecked for Chicago again by British airways, during this whole journey many times they had to go through security checks starting from the US consulate in Kolkata where they were thoroughly checked up.  In Chicago their hand baggages were checked and nail cutter +scissor were taken away. From London to Chicago food was very American, taste was different, seats were better and staffs were more efficient and good. Again they watched for some time on the small TV screen, a comedy film of body obsessed people, reached Houston airport around five. First impression was that of a factory, big pipes and long hollow structure was looking like inside of a factory. They got a big van type cab outside the airport and reached in this hotel around six fifteen. In India it was eight forty five of next day. 

This room is quite large having a separate table for writing and dinner and a large bed. It has a large window and outside view is good. kitchen is also nice with hot plate, microwave oven and washbasin. Some utensils are also there with plates and spoons. Hotel provides laundries facilities also using coin. One Jun’s Indian friend came to visit them and then took all three of them for shopping. They bought rice, dal, milk and oil etc. for three weeks stay here. They ate sandwiches in the dinner, they have enough eatables now.  It is cloudy, a small park, a high pink building and few trees are visible from the room. She thought, she will go outside after sometime for a stroll nearby. Jun has gone to his training place with his two colleagues. They will return in the evening. He will call from the office. They took corn flex and sandwiches in the breakfast. Now it is eight am, she has to cook lunch for her and dinner for both of them. Her heart goes to India to all the family members and friends. They will be having their dinner at this time and will be asleep when she would be roaming here in day light.

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