Saturday, June 13, 2015

थैंक्स गिविंग परेड - ह्यूस्टन

Yesterday was very cold; she was in the room whole day. Once went out but cool wind was piercing. Jun came around six thirty in the evening. Today they all went to BJ Company in the afternoon and returned in the evening. From tomorrow onward three days are holidays. Already shops are decorated with Christmas trees and toys. Jun clicked some photographs of the shops and they have come nicely.
आज छुट्टी का पहला दिन है, सुबह उठकर ‘क्रिया’ आदि कर वे दस बजे तक तैयार थे. एक अच्छी फिल्म देखी, एक छोटा बच्चा जो ईश्वर में अटूट विश्वास करता है, अपने अथक प्रयास से उसे पा लेता है. विश्वासी सदा ईश्वर के निकट है. वे हार्विन  रोड भी गये पर वहाँ की दुकानों में सामान भरा होने के बावजूद कुछ खरीदने का मन नहीं हुआ, फिर वे डॉलर शॉप में गये जहाँ बच्चों के लिए गिफ्ट खरीदे, Manhattan pizza shop में पिजा खाया और चलते-चलते वापस होटल पहुंचे. वे लगभग चालीस मिनट चले होंगे पर थकान जरा भी नहीं थी. यहाँ हवा स्वच्छ है और ऐसा कुछ है जो लोगों को अनथक चलते रहने को प्रेरित करता है. दोपहर बाद वालमार्ट गये, कुछ और उपहार लिए. यहाँ के भौतिकतावादी जीवन का असर उन पर भी पड़ने लगा है, लेकिन आसपास दुकानों के अलावा कुछ है भी नहीं. भारत से इतना दूर रहकर वे अपने मित्रों- संबंधियों से अधिक स्नेह करने लगे हैं, सभी के लिए कुछ न कुछ खरीदने का मन होता है.
Just now they talked to Nanha, papa and ma in India. They said that they all are happy and fine but she felt a trace of sadness or something in their talk. Due to continental distance time lag prevents to speak smoothly. But at least they can chat from their room whenever they wish with the help of phone card. Today is thanksgiving festival, celebrated with great joy and show in America. There will be a parade in down town; they will see it on TV. Shops will be closed. Got up at five, did pranayama and yoga, it helps them very much in starting their day energetically. There friends are going to Las Vegas today and from there to Las angels. Yesterday they went to Harvin road to purchase a camera, but could not get it. Trip to Harvin was free, the other day cab driver promised them to take to Harvin free of cost, and he kept his words.  Sitting here and viewing thanks giving parade is a thing which does not happen often, it’s a life time experience. She is thankful to God who made it possible for her and thankful to all the people through whom God made it possible. Jun, Nanha, in-laws, jun’s company and many persons across the globe who made their journey a pleasant one. Her thanks go to these hotels’ personals and also to America, where people of every part of the world live gracefully is celebrating thanksgiving today!
She wrote the description of parade in her diary-
·         Blue, orange and white clad children are dancing on fast tune.
·         A black suited man was dancing amazingly, with some ladies, very fast on his steps.
·         Some wicked looking green clad dancers, some are wearing long pointed caps, and main dancer is black.
·         Here come fat clowns having long neck.
·         An eleven year old boy is singing and dancing wearing white shirt, grey half pant and red tie.
·         Wearing Red frocks with white fur border and heavy silver ornaments looking like circus artists, girls are showing there dance item.
·         A big turkey made of a balloon is being shown with other balloons of different shapes. Judy Collins is singing in slow tune wearing a black dress with pink shawl, big size red capsicum and other vegetables are being shown on the stage.
·         Now Pulaski high school Houston band has come on the center stage.
·         A big yellow bird (wool bird) with two small chicks is singing.
·         A white big plastic dog is moving slowly and a girl is singing.
·         Now Disney’s jungles have come with Micky and mini and other cartoons characters. Peter pan wearing green dress is large and huge, double story high.
·         Sam Houston high school band is playing some fast tune.
·         Other balloon is Pinocchio.
·         Now Santa clause is coming with Christmas bell and other decor of Christmas.
·         One Indian group is also coming with a big elephant decorated with golden plate on forehead and group of sari clad women and girls are dancing.
·         A  sardar ji is displaying his sword action.

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