Monday, April 28, 2014

पहला सुख निरोगी काया

They were going through a village, jun, nanha and nuna. Road was muddy and dark, she said jun to lit his torch but it gave dim light. There was a shop nearby, they returned and she does not know why only she went to the shopkeeper and asked for two small cells, it took only five minutes but when she came back there was no sign of either of them. she searched for sometime then asked one armyman, he just laughed and said, he has note down the complaint and will find them, but she said, she wants them now, immediately, then she saw some villagers and one woman, they all were scared of something, the woman directed one autorikshwa and one big bundle there. It sped and then she awoke. It was a dream only but the shopkeeper the road were so vivid to her. Perhaps terrorists kidnapped them but she was trying to find them calmly.

She is feeling feverish. It started yesterday morning but she kept going, took bath(special for Sunday) put henna in her hair and when Jun came back from garage after giving his new car the first free servicing, he sensed that she was not well and after that both of them took care for her. But today in the morning she felt good and sent them off to school and office, again took bath, did ironing and read for sometime but now her eyes are aching, body feels hot and morning breeze feels cool. Today is her music class day but she does not think,  will be able to practice or go there. It will be first time in last one year to remain absent due to health reason. Nanny is doing house work silently and she has not spoken a single word since jun left. Mouth feels tasteless and throat is not clear, saw some red spots in the morning, hope there is nothing serious and she will be her own in a couple of days. Just now she remembered God but she thinks she is capable of doing without him !

Today again she is not well, jun took temp before leaving, it was 99.8 . throat is soar, and they are planning to go for homeopathic medicine. Antibiotic does not suit her. Nanha went school taking the tiffin of ‘sevien’ which jun made, he gave her tea, biscuits, cashews, medicine, milk, dalia and hot water before going and so many instructions. She took bath and then tried to read but due to aching eyes could not read the book but read the mind, there were so many thoughts of past illness, of relatives, friends and of course present illness. It is  a temporary phase and after one week or so she will forget it like anything, so why to worry. Life is like this, so many ‘high and low’ are part of it. When she was well, sometimes she felt guilty for not utilizing the time but now helpless.. and only thing she wants is health !

Today is birthday of there family friend’s son. But she can not attend it due to ill fated illness. It all started on Sunday and now it is Wednesday ! two  days  were bit normal but yesterday and today she is literally on bed. Cold has increased with sneezing and all. Last night she could not sleep well and neither jun. he gave her medicine. Now  he is making soup for them.

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  1. It's quite amusing to see a post in English with Hindi title. A description of illness and the thoughts travelling through the highway of mind are beautifully depicted. Although the narration is from a woman's perspective, few words about Jun taking due care before leaving gave a sense of belonging.
    The opening incident, I may call it a dream sequence, was so realistically presented that I can visualize the whole act as seen in the movie RAAT by Ram Gopal Varma.
    Wishing a speedy recovery for HER!! And as I say in such a situation, I am tempted to mention here also - जल्दी से अच्छी हो जाओ, वैसे तुम बुरी भी नहीं हो!!
    Keep writing and keep inspiring!!