Friday, May 30, 2014

सत्य की खोज

Today she got younger sister’s letter, she was having sour throat and body ache when she wrote this, was feeling low and then she remembered her. Nuna thought, will talk to her and write also. Hoped by now she might have recovered and is again hopeful and happy. She read in tibaten book,” Nature of your mind is always there sky like radiant, blissful, limitless and unchanging.” So why should she think of herself mean. Yes,  there are so many things which  she should do but does not do and many times in the past she has spoken harsh words and in future she may but at present she is ok, trying to find the ultimate truth.

Her student came in the morning, she likes her and talking to her is enjoyable. She asked about coal shell plant, internet, y2k, and books. Nuna could not tell her much about these things because she herself is ignorant. She thought, one does not know much but pretend to know everything. There are so many things around them which need their attention but….last night she was tired slept early, they had went to play after many weeks. In the afternoon she wasted much precious time in idle thinking. Today feeling better, always cherishing self and grasping self, even for a single second she is not free from self then how can she expect to live at ease, content and in peace with herself. She wants to do something better and in this futile search can not do even simple things. Life as such is great so why the urge to make it greater.  

मन प्रश्नों से घिरा है, अंतर्मन से उपजें ऐसे शब्द कहाँ से लाये ?
भाव अर्चना हो जाएँ, हो श्वास सार्थक, सत्य निकट आ जाये, ऐसा हृदय कहाँ से लाये ?
विश्वासी मन हो, विश्वास करे जिसका ऐसे राम कहाँ से लाये ?
खाली-खाली सा जीवन, रहा अधूरा सा हरदम मन, शांति और संतोष खजाना लेकिन कहाँ से पाए?  अंतहीन भटकन यह अंतहीन रस्ते ठौर कहाँ पाए ?
क्यों न ठहरे मन जिससे सुफलित हो जीवन, संशय, असंतोष के दानव, देव हरा दे लेकिन ऐसा देव कहाँ से लाये?
जो है, वह कम है, जो किया वह कम किया, वह  समुचित नहीं, व्यर्थ है यह सब, व्यर्थ है वह  सब, जीना व्यर्थ है, जीने का यह ढंग गलत है पर सही कहाँ से लाये ?
इन प्रश्नों का ऊत्तर मन में, अंतर्मन में डूब सके तो पाए !

उसने सोचा, क्या कभी कोई ऐसी स्थिति आ सकती है जब कोई पूर्णतया स्वार्थ मुक्त हो जाये, अपना सुख दूसरों के सुख में ही ढूँढे, विचार समुचित हों, कार्य, उद्देश्य, आशाएं सभी समुचित हों, जीवन एक शांत नदी की तरह बहता चला जाये नदी जो दूसरों को अमृत सा जल देती है, शीतलता देती है.

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