Monday, June 10, 2013

सुपरमैन - बच्चों का मित्र

At last her friend told her about her late sister, she was married and had a five year old  son. On Saturday afternoon her husband told them about the death of her sister, they went to meet them but they were unable to talk so they did not ask anything. Grief makes man helpless, she can not help her in this matter more, she said, will come in the afternoon. Today again it is raining continuously. Yesterday jun was in good humor, he made her laugh, she likes when he is in jolly mood, otherwise also she does like him. In the morning they shared a joke also, it is too good but it happens rarely. She thought it was her fault most of the time, Because when he notices her slight sadness. He withdraws himself, and situation worsens.  So she should remain happy and at ease with herself. they did not get a single letter last week but today she has to write some. So happy were they yesterday that they played ‘Business’ together and saw India quiz on TV. In the evening they visited some friend house but their small child was too naughty to handle, they came back early.

Nanha is having slight temperature he is dull, just now his friend came and now she thinks he will be all right. Yesterday they ate fried peanuts and then rice flakes with milk, may be peanuts were not fresh, she will not use that again.

कल सुबह जब लिखने बैठी तो नन्हे ने सुपरमैन का कैसेट चला दिया, and he was insisting her to watch it, so no more writing and in the afternoon her friend called them, she was not feeling well, so she and Nanha went on bicycle to her place. It was pleasant ride, weather was good and roads were barren. They came back after three hours. It is about to eleven now, since morning she is on her feet doing this and that…routine works like ironing, dusting, preparing lunch etc. And most tiring was answering telephones call, she is feeling now exhausted, weather was stuffy in the morning but pleasant at this moment. Nnha;s school was to reopen today but due to some Assam bandh or something like that it is still closed. Her friend is worried about her husband’s  health, yesterday jun went Dibrugardh with them to see the Doctor.

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