Friday, June 12, 2015

क्रिसमस ट्री का सौन्दर्य

Today she is at home, means in the hotel room. Jun left at seven thirty in the morning, after having a delicious breakfast. he rang her some time back, will be back at five in the evening, and then they will go to Walmart. She watched news and then one movie to know the tit bit of American culture. Yesterday she went to training center. Emailed to didi and Nanha, who had written, Assam is in the grip of violence, she hoped things get better soon. They ate some nice cookies and drank milk chocolate in the lunch break and went for a walk around the center. They saw fast moving heavy traffic, large hotels, restaurant and big showrooms on the way.  In the evening they went to market with jun’s friend, he showed them some big shops of vegetables, flowers and gifts. They had Indian food in Balaji and brought some strawberries, avocados, brinjals and cucumbers. The waiter at Balaji was sad although he was smiling to see them. There was an Indian girl in the front of dollar shop asking for help. In the Indian food mart sales persons were not looking well dressed. So everybody is not so well to-do in Houston. Yesterday she read much about the city, its hot and humid weather, its traffic, concrete jungle and also about its plus points. Now she is familiar with many names and places of the city. It is a huge city. She is enjoying every moment here. They have another two weeks here to see the city, to feel it, to live in the richest country of the world, some of the most talented people, most beautiful people and story teller live here. Holidays are always fun and holidaying in US is  really something.
Today morning she was in petro skill training center's coffee room. She got there a guide to Houston; some of the findings are interesting so she has noted it down for the article, which she is going to write afterwards-
The city was named after Samuel Houston, who was in his life time governor of Tennessee and Texas, signer of Texas declaration of independence from Mexico.
The first word spoken from the surface of the moon when the first astronauts landed in July 1969 was Houston.
The racial mix here is 54% white, 23% Hispanic, 19% Black and 4% other Asian or other races.
 Oil is in the veins of Houston. Texaco and Exon are two petroleum industry top giants.
In the evening they went for sightseeing. They saw the museum of natural sciences, IMAX theatre, aquarium and zoo. They went to Galleria and Katy mills mall and saw number of beautiful shops decorated with Christmas trees and toys. It was all like a dreamland. There one could buy anything under the sun from eatables to furniture and camera to microwave ovens.
Today she is again in the hotel room alone. Jun has gone for his field visit part of the tour. Yesterday they went to NASA, Mr Mike sun-in-law of jun friend’s relative showed them the surrounding and explained many interesting things about NASA. They spent good time there, earlier it was hot and suddenly rain started and temperature dropped down and they all were shivering with cold.  They drove in to NASA metro train and toured around the space mission center and saw the actual size mars rockets and shuttle, which will be part of the next space station of NASA, it is international space station made by the help of 150 nations other than America. There they bought two souvenirs for Nanha. They went to the clear lake city also and saw a semi complete house; it was fully carpeted white large, centrally air-conditioned house and belonged to an Assamese family, whose daughter was married to this American astronaut. They served delicious lunch for them. Then they saw another house which had four bedrooms, fully air conditioned, it belonged to Mr Mike.

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