Tuesday, June 11, 2013

रघुबीर यादव का अभिनय

It is 9.25 AM, Nanha has gone to school after about  1 and1/2 months summer vacations.  He was very happy and looking smart in his new school dress. It is raining since morning, when jun went to Dibrugadh with his friend. Last evening they went to their place, she is rigid like anything but nuna did not say any thing. Yesterday they got two letters, one is from her younger sister, She has sent a long and interesting letter. She seems to be very happy, another was from her elder sis-in-law. Today is weekly dusting day, when sweeper cleans cobwebs etc. इतने दिनों बाद घर में सन्नाटा है, नन्हा यदि घर पर होता तो अब तक कई सवाल कर  चुका होता. आज सुबह वह रघुबीर यादव की नकल बहुत अच्छी तरह कर रहा था.  ‘आसमान से गिरा’ फिल्म आज भी ‘छुट्टी-छुट्टी’ में दिखाई जाएगी वह खुद तो देख नहीं पायेगा सो उससे पूछ रहा था. कल शाम वे उसे छोडकर एक घंटे के लिए किसी के घर गये थे. He was quite comfortable and when they came back he was wearing SUPERMAN dress. Jun just laughed. He told her so many things of his office. He is having a workload even then He willingly went to Dibrugadh

Today she managed without nanni. Yesterday it was all mess up in the morning. She had to wash clothes cause, Mina, her helper did not come. She was tired when jun came, he helped her and afterwards when he went back, she read silly stories of  women’s era. Then in the evening madam came and she asked them to wrire an essay on their township. Her friend called her and thanked for their help and she felt sorry for her views about her…but at that moment it was truth. Her language is bad enough to make laugh anyone who reads it. Today they will go to TSK to buy Nanha’s shoes and his Birthday dress. मौसम आज भी सुहावना है और मन शांत. कल शाम फोन से उसकी तेलुगु सखी से बात हुई, शायद उनका राजस्थान तबादला रुक गया है, पिछले दो दिनों से अख़बार नहीं पढ़ पायी है, यूँ भी हेड लाइंस तो इतनी पुरानी होती हैं, टीवी पर कई बार सुनी हुईं, ताजा अख़बार पढने का सुख यहाँ नहीं है लेकिन और बहुत सी बातें हैं, जिनके कारण यहाँ रहना उन्हें अच्छा लगता है.

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